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Truck Accessories

At Creative Touch, we have a full line of Truck Accessories. We have many of the major brands and can always find something that fits your particular style and budget. Stop by our shop to see what we have in stock or give us a call today at (401) 543-4788.

Custom Headlights

Regardless of whether you need LED headlights, towing lights, light bars, roof lighting, or much more, we can order and install everything on your truck.

Truck Bed covers are a great way to both protect items in your bed from the elements and give your truck a clean, finished look. Here at Creative Touch, we carry all of the major brands including Extang, Truxedo, & Retrax.

Suspension Systems & Bumpers

There's no quicker way to catch people's attention than to lift your truck and put some heavy grade bumpers on. We have plenty of experience installing these and can help take your truck to the next level, literally.

Grilles, Running Boards, & Step Bars

At Creative Touch, we carry and have access to virtually every brand you might be looking for. These add-ons are the perfect touch to your truck.

Floor Mats & Interior Accessories

Truck owners know that sometimes the inside of your truck can be just as important as the outside. We offer a full selection of floor liners and mats to make sure your interior lasts. We can also help with upgrading the audio in your truck as well.

Exhaust Parts

Get your truck sounding like a force of nature with our complete line-up of exhaust systems and add-ons.

Truck Bed Covers

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